L y d e l l    M a r t i n 

The Art of 



Atlanta based artist Lydell Martin has been impressing his audiences since 1991, known for creating one of a kind pieces, Lydell say's he likes to consider himself as a design artist, my first break as an artist was with The 1996 Trumpet Awards here in Atlanta, executive director Xernona Clayton commissioned me to design pieces for the recipients Johnnie Cochran, Tiger Woods, Kathleen Battle, Lenny Wilkens, and Harry Belafonte. Not long after that Sony Records called and commissioned me to do something for Aretha Franklin, I was asked to do three plates of Aretha, but the plates went over so well that they ordered 27 more. As an artist I never take for granted the innate  gift that I'm so blessed with, my wife and I started our first studio in 1991 in a small flea market in Atlanta, my friends would tease me but my vision was my vision, when I look back at some of my challenges, if I were not a believer I would have quit a long time ago.

There are many chapters to my story that I've left out, like, supplying for one of this countries largest retail stores JC PENNYS, or being selected to represent the United States at the International Mayor's Summit in Africa, where my pieces were presented to leaders from around the globe including President Barack Obama.

"art is forever"                LYDELL 


Cepada is the wife of 35 years to Lydell, she is a great artist in her own right, just recently Cepada and Lydell started a new line of art where Cepada embellishes the acrylic paintings with Australian Crystals and leather. These award winning pieces are taking the art community by storm. Cepada also has her own jewelry and accessory line for men and women, you can visit her site @ www.wristtalkbycepada.com