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 Lydell Martin is considered to be one of Georgia"s "MOST PROLIFIC ARTISANS, (STATE OF GEORGIA, UPN, VIACOM) Lydell started his studio in Atlanta Georgia and this is where he got his first break as an artist working behind the scenes for a major radio station (KISS 104 FM) creating tee shirt designs and concert stage backdrops, Lydell says he owes so much to the station because this is where he was  introduced to Xernona Clayton, the creator and executive producer for The Trumpet Awards Foundation, Xernona later commissioned Lydell to create the awards for the 1996 ceremony which included Johnnie Cochran, Tiger Woods, Harry Bellefonte, Katheleen Battle, and Lenny Wilkens. The recognition and trust that Xernona put in Lydell has been Lydell's story line up to this point in his career. Since those days Lydell has created awards for companies around the globe.

Lydell and his wife Cepada have been married for 40 years and have two daughters Bakisa and Baceka, and three grandchildren, Kalize, Richard Jr. and Jamarie.

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